Thursday, February 7, 2013

Product Label Design and Printing

One of the most common questions asked to graphic designers by small business owners deals with the process of designing and printing product labels. I believe that their is a disconnect between printers, designers, and customers on this subject. There are a whole lot of answers being given, but none of them are simple answers. In fact the entire process -- if you search online -- is a jumbled mess, according to those who have tried to find a good option.

Accraply are the product labeling specialists, and seeks to clear up the rampant confusion about the product labeling process. The process is actually quite simple, but the disconnect occurs between designers and the printers. Usually, a designer will design labels ready for print. This is okay to do, as long as the designer knows exactly which printing service you plan to use for those label designs. The labels must be designed according to printer's specifications, if they are not designed correctly, the money spent on design has been wasted, and design will have to be re-done. This is why so many business owners believe that it is difficult to get custom labels.

Accraply works intimately with their customers and designers to ensure that you have the perfect designs and printing will be done quickly and efficiently. Using a multitude of different mediums and machines, Accraply can conform to almost any design standard. Learn more about the right way to print product labels at:

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